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The beauty and significance of the Golden Palace

When you are new to a city or country, it is natural that you would use a map to find your way across the city easily. Today thanks to science and technology, the map is no longer restricted to a piece of paper, however; now, it can easily be accessed through our smartphones. If you are in Bangkok, your trip is not complete without stopping by and seeing the pride and cultural heritage of Thailand the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. These two places are the pride of the city and are visited by thousands of tourists every day. To make it easy for you, you can download the Grand Palace map or access it online itself.
The Grand Palace is one of the most special and noted places of Thailand that holds a lot of importance. It is not just a tourist attraction but was once the official home for the Royal family. There are various State functions and Royal ceremonies that still take place in the in the Grand Palace even today. The history of the palace goes back when the construction began in 1782. The Palace almost is rectangular in shape and is located in the Ratanakosin Island right near the Chao Phraya River Bank. 

The beauty of this palace is that even today it holds a lot of importance even though it is no longer the official living quarters for the King and the Royal family. Many efforts are taken to ensure that the cultural richness of the place remains the way it has always been. Even though this Palace may be open for public, however, there are still certain areas, which are not accessible to visitors, and there is a strict rule on this front.
One of the best things about the Grand Palace is that it has still maintained the traditional significance of why it was built in the first place. Another prominent feature about the Palace, which is also noted in the grand palace map Bangkok, is the temple of the Green statue of Buddha, which is known as the Emerald Buddha. This is one of the most important temples in Thailand that holds a lot of significance and importance. It is considered to be the lucky charm of the country and is respected, valued and cherished in the most strict and beautiful way. 

The Government of Thailand and the armed forces do whatever is needed to ensure that the area is safe and secured for all the tourists who come there as well as make it a point to maintain that boundary between what is accessible to the public and what is not. Only the present King of Thailand changes even the Robe of the Emerald Buddha during the onset of the season. This is done during the summers, winters, and rainy seasons with each season having its own robe that is used to dress the statue up. This is done in the traditional way ensuring that all the rituals are followed by the present kind during the time the Robe is changed. 

Travel at ease to the Grand Palace with the Andriod and Apple App

People who are visiting Bangkok can easily find their way to the Grand Palace using the special Grand place map that is designed to make your travel easy. This is an app that is loaded with various features and makes it easy for the user to understand. The best thing about this app is that it can work online as well as offline without any issues. The app contains all the necessary information that you would need in order to get a better insight about the historic and cultural significance and past of the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple. The app has been designed keeping in mind people of all ages. 

Ø  For adults

The app has special features, which makes it easy for adults to understand. This includes a user friendly interface which gives you information of the different ways to get to the beautiful Palace as well as the necessary advise on what can and cannot be done while you inside the gates of the Grand Palace. 

Ø  For Kids

Kids can enjoy the various stories and Pali version of the Ramayana in Pali language, which is the Thai version of the famous Indian Epic Story of Lord Ram. The animations and stories will help them to understand as well as learn something new. 

Ø  Other features of the app

Apart from the stories, history and cultural significance, the app is designed to ensure that a person can select the language of their choice so that it becomes easy for them to understand. Along with that, you also have the benefit of booking package tours, which includes the admission fee of the Grand Palace. 

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