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The interesting History of Grand Palace

The grand palace history is a very interesting one, which goes back during the time King Rama I was ruling the kingdom. The construction of the Palace began on May 6, 1782, and was completed during the late 1800's. The reason for building the Palace was that King Rama I felt that he needed a new palace.
Being the founder of the Chakri Dynasty, he ordered the construction to start little did he realize that his Royal home would one day become the most famous landmarks of Thailand and will also be a tourist attraction. Today this Palace not only is the biggest tourist attraction but is also the home to the most spiritual statue that is there in Thailand, which is also considered as the pride of the country. 

Apart from being the tourist attraction, this palace is also a place where the most important ceremonies take place even though it is no longer the home of the Royal family since 1925. The reason why the location was chosen was because in case there was an invasion, it would have been easy to defend and protect the Royal family. The community that had been living in the land on which the Palace has been built was relocated to the present times Chinatown which is on the outskirts of the city.

In the Grand Palace Bangkok history, there are three courts or zones. The Outer court, the middle, and the inner court. While the outer court is accessible to the visitors, parts of the middle court are open while the inner court is totally off the limits of the public. The inner court or zone is only meant for the Royal family and authorized personals of the country. Within the grounds of the Grand Palace, there are more than 100 buildings and each of them holds their own significance and value. 

If you look at the Wat Phra Kaew history, it is an interesting one on its own, it is not just the main and important temple of Bangkok and the country, and however, it is also the cultural heritage of Thailand and is considered the heart of the country. Before the statue could rest finally in the place where it stands today, it was shifted many times and became the reason for many battles that were fought.
This is because it is believed that the statue of Buddha holds a luck element and factor that matters a lot to the country. As per the myth, it is believed that this statue brings in a lot of fortune and good luck to the country and this is the main reason why the Government and Army of Thailand do whatever it takes to protect the Emerald statue of Buddha.

The rules are strict

  When you are inside the grounds of the Grand Palace, there are certain rules and regulations, which have to be followed. Even when you are entering the Temple, you need to ensure that are dressed well. In case you are not, you will not be allowed to enter the Temple. Right on, the doors or gates of the temple stand the fashion police who check the attire before visitors can go in. If it is necessary, you can opt to take the shawls that are available at the entrance to cover yourself up properly. Even when you are inside the temple you are not allowed to go in with shoes, instead, you have to leave them outside and then step in.

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