Monday, 10 April 2017

Know About Grand Palace Opening Hour to Avoid Last Minute Disappointment

The Grand Palace is open every day from 08.30 – 15.30 Hrs. The state government is responsible for taking care for this tourist destination and it takes care of the Grand Palace Bangkok opening hours as well as closing hours. To get accurate details, you can check the official website and other reliable sources online. The tourists can enter inside the Grand Palace from the WisetChaisri Gate without any issue. 

Mobile App with Grand Palace Opening Hours

There is an app available with all the details about the Grand Palace Bangkok. This app is compatiblewith both Apple and Android. The information provided by this app is very true and are being updated frequently.

This app will guide you through the Opening Hours of Grand Palace along with other important things like the dress code for the Grand Palace. This app has 3D-maps, voice guide with transcripts. It has nice images which you can carry home.

The Grand Palace opening hours and time remain same throughout the year. However, this tourist place might be closed during Royal ceremonies. This place is closed once in a blue moon, but to avoid any kind of disappointment it is better to get current details about Bangkok Grand Palace opening hours from a reliable source. 

Dazzling, amazing and magnificent – these are some common compliments Grand Palace gets from the tourists. If there is one must-see place, your Bangkok trip is complete without; The Grand place is definitely the answer. It is certainly the most famous landmark of this beautiful city. Located in the center of the city, it was built in the year 1783 and for about 150 years, it was the home of the Thai King. It is an old monument that constantly attracts the worldwide visitors every year. The beautiful architecture, amazing designs and creative craftsmanship, it is appreciated throughout the world. If you are in Bangkok or planning a trip to Bangkok, don’t dare to miss the visit of this tourist place. However, before planning anything, you gather some information about Bangkok Grand Palace opening hours. It will be really disappointing if you will be there and you find this place closed.

Emerald Buddha temple, the Royal Thai Decorations and Coins exhibition area, and the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles are very close to each other. In fact, when you buy a pass or ticket for the entry in the Grand Palace, you can visit these places also. When the Grand Palace is closed, it is obvious that these tourist destinations will also be closed. Also, theGrand Palace Bangkok opening hours and opening hours of Emerald Buddha temple, the Royal Thai Decorations and Coins exhibition area, and the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles remain alike. Reach at the destination on time as security checking might be somehow time-consuming.

Another important thing we would like to mention is the dress code. The Grand Palace is a sacred and religious place. The spiritual feelings of Thai people are attached to this place, so you must dress appropriately when you are all set to go there. Once you know about the Grand Palace opening hours, gather some information about the dress code. You can also get this info in the mobile app described above. The thumb rule you need to follow is no naked shoulder, no shorts, and no transparent clothes. Even you can’t enter with uncovered feet. However, if you don’t have such clothes, you can get appropriate clothes for rent.

Keep the Grand Palace Bangkok opening hours in mind for a pleasant trip.


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