Friday, 5 May 2017

Jain beliefs and Shatrunjay, Palitana Tour Guide App

Amongst all Jain temples, Shatrunjay Jain temples are considered to be the most sanctified.  Shatrunjay is the most sacred and prominent Jain tirth. Located on beautiful hills at Palitana, these temples are gracefully engraved in marble. The interior and architecture of the temples are really praiseworthy and narrates the stories of Jain beliefs and legends.

Whether you are a Jain devotee or a foreign tourist, you should download the Palitana Tour Guide App on your mobile phone for Android and Apple.

ü  The app is developed to guide the tourists about the significance of structures, idols, footsteps and historical stories that happened at Shatrunjay. No guides are available at Shatrunjay. The Pujaris do not know the stories or architecture information. There are books available but they are very inconvenient to read while climbing. Audio from the app is the best way to know about amazing events that have happened at Shatrunjay.

ü  Loaded with comprehensive details and information, the app allows the tourist to get answers to all their queries. It will narrate you the stories and legends related to Palitana and the Jain temple, in English as well as Gujarati just like a local. It basically acts as a pocket tour guide.

ü  The most amazing feature of the app is it runs offline without data. Once you download it, you don’t need any data. You will not be able to access the internet in the temple, but the app will work without any issues.

Isn’t it great to get enjoy a self-guided tour with an easy access to in-depth knowledge? 

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