Saturday, 16 September 2017

Get familiar with the beautiful temples of Bangkok Grand Palace

This summer, visit Bangkok and meet the different side of the lifestyle. If you are seriously making the plan, then you must visit Wat Arun, Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace. Your excitement will not stop here. Go to Wat Phra Kaew that is regarded as the home of Emerald Buddha. The Buddhist has a belief that Thai Emerald brings positivity and wealth where it is placed. The sculpture of Buddha is beautifully crafted by using a single stone of Jade. Emerald and Gold are used for intensifying its look. Established in the Jade Buddha Temple, the structure is about 26 inches tall. It is just spell bound sight.

Jade Buddha Temple

If you want to get single and correct information about Grand Palace Bangkok, then use the Grand Palace Bangkok Tour Guide app, an app that has all the history about the palace. Download the app on Apple and Android and experience the Grand Palace like never before.

Emerald Buddha

 Read some features of the app that can be helpful for you.
        To explore the place better, use the 3D maps. It is installed with the user friendly interface that allows simple accessibility.

        Jade Buddha Temple is a very sacred place. The app helps you to witness every place, avoiding any chance of missing any place. 

        You don’t have to pay money for internet while using it, as it can open without any usage of internet. Thus, it becomes a perfect guide. 

·         It guides you throughout your journey while giving the details through audio and transcripts.
·         The app has a 3D map which assists you while exploring the palace and guides you throughout the palace so you don’t feel lost. 

·         The app has important tips very helpful to know while visiting Grand Palace.

Emerald Thai
Do you know why Emerald Buddha is called as such? This is so because of its green color. Due to widespread belief, the Jade Buddha temple has become a holy place for the tourists. Pack your bag and get ready to fly to Bangkok and witness the rich heritage of this city.

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