Sunday, 24 September 2017

Jain pilgrimage made easier with Palitana Shatrunjay Tour Guide app by Action show

Jain temples on Shatrunjay hills can be visited easily with the help of Palitana Shatrunjay Tour Guide app. As you download the app and start it on your phone, you will see a map of Shatrunjay hill with the temples on it. This app has nice stories of various places along with lovely background music. This app is great to receive information about all the temples on the Shatrunjay Hill, motivates the people to visit Palithana and helps to visit the temple with great ease.

Main temple app

 The Palithana has a large number of Jain Dharamshalas. You can rest after the long day and satisfy your taste buds with delicious Jain food. You can plan your visit in a personalized manner with the help of this app which will instruct you thoroughly throughout your pilgrimage. The app is loaded with awesome features which help you completely in getting around the place in a better way. 


     Jaina palitana

Here are some of the features of the app:

·         The maps in the app guide you to all the temples on the Hill.
·         The app has explanation about each temple and their importance.
·         There are several stories, music and historical information in the app which keeps you informed about the place you are visiting.

·         The app is user-friendly and easy to use.

·         This app is loaded with religious and spiritual pictures which can be shared with your family or friends.
·         The app works offline so no need of internet connection while you are visiting the Shatrunjay Hill.

Jain Dharamshala

If you are planning a visit to Jain temples, then this app is a must-have on your apple or android phones as it is a guide in your pocket which can be personalized according to your requirement. Whether you are looking for Jaina around you or a Jain Dharamshala, you can easily get it in Palitana. Enjoy the Shatrunjay temples with this nice app.

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