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Enjoy Grand Palace Bangkok with a guide at your fingertips

Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, crowded with cars, tourists, and sights. The vibrant city is a mishmash of cultures, religions, and traditions, where trendy nightlife spots abutt traditional temples and tourist traps colliding with genuine travel experiences. The jewel in its crown is undeniably the Grand Palace, home to both Thai royalty and the legendary Emerald Buddha.
A visit to Bangkok isn’t complete without a visit to the Thailand Grand Palace, and a visit to the Grand Palace isn’t complete without the Grand Palace Tour Guide App. The app is a tour guide, guidebook, audio guide, and local expert, all rolled into one. As you walk through the Grand Palace, the app narrates the tale of what you’re looking at and why it matters. The narration is entertaining without exaggerating, a pleasing blend of history and humor. Tour-lovers and tour-haters alike will enjoy this tour.
The app is GPS-aware, so it knows where you are, and is able to tell you where to go next. As you approach an interesting building or monument, the app will automatically begin narrating it’s story – so your hands are always free! The app will also display a photo or video of what it’s talking about, so that you know what to look for, or allow you to “go behind-the-scenes” or “see into the past”.
You’re probably thinking that all of this is a giant data-drain. Well, there’s good news for you – the entire app works offline once it’s downloaded. You won’t need wifi or data at all – and the GPS functionality will still work.
Best of all, you can either use the app as a map to go to the spots you’re interested in hearing about, or instead as a guide and follow the recommended route to hear about everything along the way – you have total flexibility! You won’t have to abide by a tour group’s timetable or be rushed along from a really interesting spot.
The app also has tons of extra “layers” of history, intriguing stories, or “how tos” for each stop. If you find something really fascinating, you can choose to “Learn More” and dive deeper into the details; if not, you’re free to move on. Best of all… all of this additional content doesn’t disappear, so you’re free to access it before and after your visit!
Plus, the app’s easy-to-use interface makes it totally intuitive to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, or restart each narration. You can also easily skip to the next stop, go back to the previous one, or jump around to a random stop. You can even read instead of listening, if that’s what you prefer! The app is so easy to use that your grandma could do it (we know; we tested it on ours).
The app is available for both Android and Apple. Some other awesome features include:
  • Awesome images – use to identify what you’re looking at, view historical photos, or see “behind the scenes” images
  • 3D maps – don’t get lost, pick what to see, and have a handy GPS-live map
  • Narrated audio for each stop – learn, laugh, and enjoy listening
  • Read along – scripts are available for those who don’t want to listen
  • Travel tips – so you can be cautious about certain things inside the Grand Palace
  • No need for internet connectivity – so you don’t have to worry for internet while enjoying the tour
  • The app has details like Emerald Buddha opening hours,dress code and may more.
The Grand Palace, and the revered Temple of the Emerald Buddha within it, continues to be the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. Make sure you’ve downloaded its tour guide app before you go. Click here for more info on Tour Guide App.

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