Thursday, 26 April 2018

Create your own custom Driving tour app to elevate your Travel Business

Going the “Driving Tour App” way is the latest and most effective solution to bring the best attractions of from your scenic place, museum, theme park, landscape or any large attraction other great place you own, at the forefront. If you are worried about WiFi or cellular internet, you can use invest in a GPS enabled Driving Tour App that works well for both indoor and outdoor locations. It is a simple app that has been designed to work flawlessly on mobile touch screens and supports scrolling and swiping. Businesses involved with outdoor tours covering large areas can get this app for their multiple tours for different locations. Whether your site is located in a remote area or surrounded by stone masonry, the app will work perfectly as there is no need for internet signals once it is downloaded.

Every smartphone comes with GPS, a technology that uses satellite tracking. With this technology it is possible to locate the smartphone as well as any physical location on earth. The driving tour app should be downloaded by the guest before the visit so that it can be configured for complete off-line usage. Once the visitor enters the location, the satellite is “pinged” and the tour begins automatically. The visitors are guided from one tourist stop to the next ensuring they don’t lose track or get deviated. When a visitor approaches a tour stop, the app identifies their position and shows its exact location.
The app ensures that your visitors get to see all the places of interest and don’t miss out anything. A “Overview Map” button is included and users can tap on it to instantly to get an overview of the place around them.  Each and every tour stop is shown with “pins” on a facsimile Google Map. Alternatively, visitors can view all the tour stops in the form of list and jump from one stop to another. The GPS enabled maps will help them get to the spot they wish to explore. If you want them to follow a fixed path and visit the tours stops one after the other, you can do so with the “Play”, “Pause”, “Next”, and “Back” buttons incorporated within the Driving Tour App .
The Driving Tour App allows you to include as much content as you want. Interesting content in the app can capture the attention of your visitors easily and offer them a memorable experience. You will have visitors with different levels of interests. There can be casual visitors as well as knowledge seeking, detail oriented visitors, and you have to cater to both the types. For this you can have general content uploaded giving a brief background or history attached to the “main stop”. More enthusiastic visitors can explore further with information about the various elements of interest within the main stop.
The Driving Tour App  allows you to understand your customers better. As your visitors move, the app tracks them and takes note of the stops they paid special interest by listening to the audio-visual content and also takes note of the ones they left in the middle. You can learn which content is viewed downloaded and shared the most and which is not so popular among the visitors. The points where visitors tend to get lost more often can also be found. All the information can be used to improve the app and alchemize enhance the experience of your visitors.
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