Thursday, 26 April 2018

Visiting scenic areas with a self-guided driving tour on a mobile app

Mobile apps have opened up a brand new way of visiting scenic areas.

Traditionally, visitors had two options to drive through a scenic area: take a group tour bus with a guide to relate stories and answer questions, or drive on their own through the route while foregoing the guide’s information. Both of these have its own challenges ….
Group tour bus with a guide:
This option allows you to hear interesting stories and see important landmarks along the route. However, there is no flexibility – you have to conform to the tour’s date and timing. Furthermore, the tours are often large, and full of people with diverse interests, which can erode some of the trip’s charm.
self driving tour without a guide:
This option gives you complete flexibility and independence. You can go wherever you’d like, when you’d like, and spend as long as you’d like at each stop. However, you often have to follow inconvenient print-out directions and don’t get to hear about interesting stories and landmarks along the route in great detail.

Mobile driving tour guide app solution:
The best solution would be a private, personal tour guide who can sit in a your own car and act as tour guide and navigator. And that’s exactly what a mobile app driving tour does! It offers the entire tour on your own phone, controlled by GPS. As you drive pass any interesting location, the auto-play audio recording narrates the story the location while you are still in the car. It also shows you pictures (so that you recognize the spot), gives you a script (if you prefer to read instead of listen), and gives you navigation instructions to the next location (along with built-in Google Maps to help you drive). Mobile driving tour guide apps combine the best of bus tours and self-guided tours, and you can access them right from your own phone.
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