Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Download Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour App and Have an Amazing Tour

If you’re planning on visiting Bangkok for your upcoming vacation, then don’t miss visiting Wat Phra Kaew within the Grand Palace. The Wat (temple) houses the Emerald Buddha, arguably Thailand’s most famous statue. It’s smaller than you’d imagine – only about 26 inches high. It’s made out of a single block of pure jade and features the Buddha seated in a meditating posture.
Grand Palace Bangkok Mobile Tour Guide App
“Oh but I’m not interested in seeing boring temples and statues!” you say? Don’t worry – the story of the Emerald Buddha is more like that of an action movie. The statue’s “history” involves battles, dangerous ocean voyages, jealous kings, and raging elephants. To easily explore the Grand Palace and hear the Emerald Buddha’s thrilling stories, download the Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour Guide App before you go.
The tour guide app is available for both Apple and Android and features:
  • 3D map to guide you to each significant site
  • Audio stories for each site, with accompanying scripts (for those who prefer to read)
  • Total offline functionality (doesn’t require wifi or data once downloaded)
  • Recommended route as well as flexible choose-your-own-route options
  • “Know Before You Go” helpful tips before you visit the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha
  • Easy to use functionality to replace any guidebooks or tour guides
  • Nice images to share with family and friends
Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour Guide App
Download the app for Apple and Android today and enjoy your visit to the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok!

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