Thursday, 31 May 2018

Enjoy a stress-free journey to Shatrunjaya hills with Palitana tour app

Shatrunjaya hills in Palitana are the holiest place of Jains in India and are situated in Gujarat. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every year throughout the world. The place is a must visit with hundreds of Jain Temples situated on hills of Shatrunjaya. There are several Dharamshalas in the town and you can stay there if you are visiting Jain Derasar this year. Shatrunjaya is the most sacred place for Jain pilgrims and devotees visiting these temples is like having a great spiritual journey. Main Jain temple of Adishwar is located on the hills and there are about 3400 steps leading to the heavenly temple.

Shatrunjaya and Palitana are one of the main five pilgrims for Jains and you can explore all the 900 temples situated in the hills for an incredible divine journey towards peace and tranquility. Several stories are linked with each temple and if you want to know more about the,  then your virtual guide is at your fingertips with Palitana mobile tour app, which can be downloaded in your mobile phone or tablet easily and is loaded with audios, images of Jainism and maps to instruct you in the journey.

Travel to Jain temples on Shatrunjay hill can be made stress-free with Palitana mobile tour app which is available for both Apple and Android phones. Some of the features of the app.
·         You can locate temples on the Shatrunjay hill with the map in the app.
·         There are several audios and images in the app to help you in travelling around the place.
·         There are several stories, music and historical information in the app which keeps you informed about the place you are visiting.
·         The app is user friendly and easy to use.
·         This app is loaded with religious and spiritual pictures which can be shared with your family or friends.

There are several images of Jainism in the app along with tales from the past, which enrich your knowledge about Jain temples. You can hear stories about all the significant structures situated on the hills of Shatrunjaya through this app.  This user friendly app can be used by anyone effortlessly and it is your personal guide throughout the journey. App has mulitple languages for your ease and you can read the scripts or hear the audios in your preferred language.

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