Thursday, 24 May 2018

The history of Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha statue in Bangkok is world-renown. Revered in Thailand and beyond, the statue is said to protect whoever holds it – and to bring them enormous power and good luck. Is this a myth, or fact? The only thing we know for sure is that the Emerald Buddha has caught the eye of kings and commoners alike since it was discovered. It’s been at the center of wars, insurrections, and espionage. It’s traveled from India to Cambodia and everywhere in between. The only thing it lacks now is the starring role in a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie! To hear the thrilling tales of the Emerald Buddha’s rediscovery and subsequent adventures, download the Bangkok Grand Palace app here.
While the Emerald Buddha statue’s adventures (and misadventures) since its rediscovery are verifiable historical facts, to hear it’s origin story you’ll have to venture into the world of myths and legends… It is said that an Indian Buddhist sage, Nagasena, wanted to spread the teachings of the Buddha across India and the surrounding lands. He created the statue with divine help from Vishnu and Indira. To hear the entire legend, download the Grand Palace app for Apple and Android. While much of the legend cannot be proven, historical records verify that Nagasena was a real monk who lived and preached in India. Additionally, the Emerald Buddha’s seated, meditating position is uncommon in Thailand but is typical of Indian design. Perhaps the legend is true after all… you’ll just have to hear it all and decide for yourself!
Today, the statue of the Emerald Buddha is safely housed within the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which itself is within the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Surrounding the statue, all around the walls of the temple, are various carvings and paintings. These depict scenes from the life of the Buddha – in his human form, his animal form, and even from his past lives. When you’re planning your trip to Bangkok, be sure to leave enough time to properly appreciate these carvings as well as the famous statue.
The mobile app that can help you
If you’re planning on visiting Thailand, you must stop to see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. And you must download this app before you go! It’s got amazing stories of the statue and temple, but it also has much more. You can use the app in lieu of a guidebook or a tour guide or even an audio guide – it is all of that, and more. The app has some amazing stories and history, clear directions to keep you on track, easy handling for those uncomfortable with technology, and 3D maps to show you the way. Plus, you can skip around to the really interesting stories and buildings and ignore the parts you find boring – essentially, make your own path if you don’t want to follow the suggested route!
The app is designed for Apple and Android devices, works offline once downloaded (no need for wifi or data), and is perfect for folks who don’t have time to waste in long lines or on sub-par tour guides. In this app, you’ll get both the perfect tour guide and unlimited flexibility in taking the tour.

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